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Acionyx Acionyx

Acionyx helps clients bring wireless products to market.  Acionyx can provide critical resources in the Development and/or Test phases of Wireless software. We work with WLAN, Cellular and PDA based wireless technologies.

Acionyx can take responsibility on an entire project on a fixed bid basis, or simply provide the right skill set at the right time to ensure that the project is successful.

Benefits of working with Acionyx:


  • Access to engineers with the following skill sets on short notice:
    • CDMA
    • GSM
    • UMTS
    • 802.11
    • Bluetooth
  • Acionyx ensures that clients have access to talent on a nationwide level.
  • Acionyx can help clients working to develop code to a specific chip.

The development services Acionyx can offer in the field of Wireless technology can be classified as follows:


We offer design and development of software for wireless telephony applications both in the handset and base station areas. In the base station area we have experience in the development of a QA framework and test tool harness from ground up. We have done development work that conform to IS-95, IS-2000 and later. We can not only provide design and development services in software but also in the areas of embedded software and firmware integration. We can also provide release engineering and configuration management functions of the software development lifecycle.

In the area of handset software development we have experience in developing code in the mobile operating environments as well as JAVA based applications and device drivers for handsets including UI, user utilities and other programs including games to demonstrate proofs of concept.


Our WLAN expertise includes Layer1/Layer 2 as well as protocol layer software development. We have also expertise in doing DSP software/firmware including algorithm development/optimization for modulation and protocol applications. We can also provide test integration and QA services for wireless networks.