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Acionyx Acionyx

Graphics Engine

This is a real-time 3-D reconstruction engine that has the capability to image and extract full 3-D volumes of objects such as electronic components, molded components etc. The engine takes 2-D X-ray views from various angles, and completely reconstructs the volume of the imaged component. The reconstructed volume can be viewed in a graphical volume renderer from various angles, cut planes and projections.

The objective of this engine is to enable the following:
  • A manual inspection of the imaged component for failure analysis.
  • Critical Dimension (CD) metrology of the component.
  • Automatic classification of components in production / QA stream.
Salient features of the reconstruction engine are:
  • Based on existing 2-D X-ray imaging sources
  • CORBA-enabled and available as a CORBA-service.
  • Modular architecture that allows easy plug-n-play of application specific customizable GUI components.
  • Allows easy development of application specific automatic component inspection and classification modules.