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Document Management And Workflow

Document Management

EDICT is a windows based electronic document management system that helps users organize documents (documents can be handwritten, typed matter, voice, computer generated files, drawings, OCRd files or OLE objects) in a way convenient to store and more important, retrieve fast.

EDICT provides all the facilities necessary to capture, view, store, retrieve, share, print, collate and route documents. Documents are stored as pages in electronic cabinets / folders. This hierarchy of cabinets and sub-cabinets is very flexible and can be made to mimic a real life filing system.

Scanning and Indexing

The documents can be scanned directly, or an already existing image (.BMP,.TIF, .JPG etc.) or file (.TXT, .DOC etc.) can be imported. These are then compressed and stored. Indexes are based on folder reference, page description and keywords.


The documents can be stored as TIFF, PCX, BMP, JPEG, TGA, DIB, EPS etc. Expiry dates for the folders/pages can be specified while storing the documents.


Operations that can be performed on the image while it is viewed are zooming, selective zoom, inversion, rotation by any angle, panning etc.

Retrieve / Query

Retrieval of documents can be based on Folder Reference, Page description, Keywords or a combination of all three. The query domain can be restricted to a particular cabinet or entire database. Query Builder allows the user build a query that fetches the set of folders required. A query can be built using asterisk (*), Not, , Like ,< , > etc.

Sticky Notes

Once folders are indexed and stored, comments can be attached to any page in the archive using sticky notes. Notes can be handwritten (using a graphics tablet) or can be typed.


Collation is a logical grouping of folders or pages from different cabinets. EDICT provides the facility to prepare collations for presentations from the folders and pages stored in the archive. Creating collations as simple as using the mouse pointer to Drag And Drop entire folders and/or individual pages, irrespective of their position in the archival hierarchy.


Hard copy of the documents (except voice), cabinet and folder information, user list, system log information can be taken.

Mail / Route Documents

Documents filed in EDICT can be routed to other users of EDICT over the LAN by using mail boxes. This allows a group of people to discuss a document with out having to meet across a table and without making numerous photocopies. Documents can also be mailed using Internet, MS Mail, cc-Mail, Lotus Notes, VIM etc.

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

EDICT incorporates the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) capability providing a bridge between EDICT and other applications that support OLE.


Documents can be annotated on the computer just as they are on actual paper using Highlighters, Notes, Voice, Masking, Free Hand etc.

Interface To The Internet Documents that are filed into EDICT can be web pages too. These can be filed as static or dynamic pages. Dynamic pages will download the latest version of the web page when the document is viewed.


EDICT has extensive security features such as password for each user, cabinet level permissions, user Permissions based on functions, database backup and restore procedures etc.


Audit Trail - helps the system administrator keep track of various operations performed by other users of EDICT. Database Administration - Repair and Compact databases.

Convert Images To Text

Using an OCR package, text in images can be converted to ASCII, thus allowing users to edit the document and also save on storage space.


Workflow Management

Used to manage internal workflow processes within a group. The forms based interfaces are developed around an email server such as MS Exchange and can be adapted for a variety of E-mail clients such as Outlook, and other popular e-mail applications.


There are many environments and applications which Work Flow Management can be applied to. WFM supports: