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Acionyx Acionyx

Acionyx has on board engineers with skills in various technologies such as:

  • Microsoft .NET application development
  • Database and business intelligence (Business Objects, Reporting Services, Infomatica)
  • Systems Engineering (specialized device driver development)
  • Linux and Unix
  • Wireless and mobile technologies

Consulting services from Acionyx are usually delivered based on an hourly rate, that includes all costs. Many of our clients in the Silicon Valley prefer this option.

It is most appropriate when the client has a need for a rare skillset, or has a project to finish where there is a lack resources on staff to finish in the right timeframe.Consulting is usually, but not always done at the client location.

Some of our customers who have engaged our consulting services are:

  • Cisco
  • Texas Instruments
  • BioRad
  • Denso Wireless
  • NextWave