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Acionyx Acionyx
Expertise with the Apple Development Environment

Acionyx has been developing software for Apple products for over 10 years. Our experience includes work on the recent Mac OS X product, User Interfaces for hand held devices, Device Drivers for peripherals and stand alone applications for the iPhone. Acionyx has extensive experience in the use of development tools used on OSX and iPhone including:
  • Cocoa
  • Carbon
  • XCode
  • Objective-C
  • Java as well as many others

Recent projects include:

  • Design and development of a HID driver for the Mac and the assoicated application software.
  • Our engineers contracted with Apple to:
    • Create Common Criteria (CC) documentation to meet the CAPP
    • Work with the CC evaluation lab and certifying body to ensure the requirements are met.
    • Analyze, write, certify and run extensive test cases specific for the Common Criteria.
    • Collaborate with the OpenBSD community on new features and enhancements
    • Develop extensive test suites for OpenBSM (auditing)